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Intrepid Surveying Corporation
Ph: 830.393.8833
P.O. Box 519
1004 C Street
Floresville, TX 78114
Firm Registration No. 10193936

Welcome to Intrepid

entripidWe are a full service surveying company located in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale. We offer professional land surveying services throughout Texas for land developers, Oil and Gas Companies, electrical companies, water supply corporations, engineering firms, private land owners, and municipalities. You will find that we are cost-effective, high quality, and precise.

We were established as a part of the Custer Land Services Group which has been offering a top quality product for over six years in the south Texas area. Custer Land Services Group has a well-established track record and our services have always met with great client satisfaction offering a variety of services at a very competitive price without ever compromising on quality. Intrepid is carrying on this tradition by offering a full range of surveying services including boundary retracement, boundary partition, utility location, right of way, line staking, construction, transmission right of way, land title, elevation certificate, as-built, topographic, wind farms as well as pipeline and oil and gas lease/unit surveys, right of way, and well location permitting services.

As a land surveying company we specialize in creating a quality product for our clients while keeping costs competitive.

We have created a professional land surveying company, Intrepid Surveying Corporation (Intrepid), to specialize in pipelines, oil and gas well locations, oil and gas lease unit surveys, boundary, topographic and route surveys, as well as mapping, construction, and as-built. Our surveying team, using state-of-the art equipment, ensures that our clients receive efficient, thorough, and conclusive data.

The Company
Intrepid Surveying Corporation, located in Floresville, Texas is the most recent growth opportunity. Mid 2013, Len teamed with Sherman Posey, a licensed surveyor with RPLS designation, to fill yet another need in the Custer Land Services Group. Using the latest innovations and state-of-the-art technology, Intrepid presents you with efficient, thorough and conclusive data pertaining to pipelines, electrical ROWs, oil and gas well locations and unit surveys, boundary, topographic, route surveys, mapping, construction, and as-built.
Sherman L. Posey, RPLS Partner & Survey Project Manager

Sherman Posey is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor and a Partner of Intrepid Surveying Corporation located in Floresville, Texas. Sherman has been in the land business since 2008 and a professional surveyor since April of 2013. Sherman earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Geographic Information Science with an emphasis in Geomatics from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, Texas, and began his mapping and surveying career with Shoreline Environmental Research Facility in 2008.

To gain experience and versatility, Sherman spent time over the next few years as a Survey Technician and Crew Chief for Geodetix, Inc and Pollok & Sons Surveying, Inc. and even as a ROW Agent for Custer Resources & Associates, LLC. Sherman also spent several years as a Project manager and Surveyor for Cross Texas Land Services, Inc. While working for various Surveying companies, Sherman developed and honed not only his surveying skills, but also his project and business management skills, making it a simple decision and logical next step to partner with his former boss and friend, Len Custer to found Intrepid Surveying Corporation.

Len E. Custer, III Founder & Partner

Len Custer is the founder of Custer Land Services Group which consists of three sister companies created to offer top quality products to the land services industry.

Len Custer has been serving the Oil & Gas Industry as a broker and CPL with over 75 contract landmen representing experience in every aspect of land services. Len, himself has over 20 years experience as an Independent Field Landman working primarily in South and East Texas. Over the years, Len has developed an in-depth knowledge of all facets of land brokerage from lease acquisition to Title Curative. Ever the visionary, Len created his first company, Custer Resources & Associates, LLC in 2007.

Our Surveying Work

  • Boundary Retracement
  • Boundary Partition
  • ALTA or Category 1A Roadway
  • Utility Location
  • Right-of-Way
  • Land Title (Lot & Block) Elevation Certificate
  • Topographic
  • Wind Farms
  • Construction Transmission Right-of-Way
  • Oil & Gas Lease/Unit Surveys
  • As-BuiltOil & Gas Pipeline Right-of-Way
  • Oil & Gas Well Location Permit
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